Minor irregularities, poorly formed, heavily filled, worn down and chipped front teeth can all be restored back to proper form and function with veneers.

A Veneer is a thin layer of material placed over a tooth, bonding to the existing tooth structure and resulting in an immediate improvement to the aesthetics of a tooth or protecting damage to the tooth’s surface.

Dental Veneers can be fabricated using two types of material: composite and dental porcelain. Composite Veneer can be built-up in the mouth or indirectly fabricated and later bonded to the tooth. Porcelain Veneers can only be indirectly fabricated.

We use only professional, high-quality labs to ensure a long-lasting and affordable restoration.

Half Price Veneers Special Offer!

After the first full price Veneer, any subsequent one prepared at the same visit will be charged at half price.

Check with your Insurance Provider today to find out how much you are covered for and call or email us to make a booking.